Welcome to the VB3 Collaborative!

Welcome to the VB3 Collaborative! This site is designed to provide a resource for networking and social learning opportunities for anyone interested in verbal behavior, relational frame theory, and applications of VB/RFT to programming for children with autism. We’re also interested more generally in the use of online technology in the provision of services and in training and supervision, so from time to time you’ll find discussions of those topics too. For more information about current VB3 projects and collaborators, please check out the VB3 Blog.

VB3 Collaborative members can join various groups for discussion, and can create their own blog sites. We hope that as members create sites, this will become a valuable resource for anyone looking for service providers with specific interest in VB/RFT as well as a rich environment for information sharing, so please get blogging! Member blogs use standard Wordpress templates, and there is plenty of information on the wordpress.org site on creating wordpress blogs.

VB3 Office

Clients and research collaborators can access project management sites here: VB3 Basecamp Office/Lab



Don't worry, the groups have not disappeared. Due to some issues in upgrading Buddypress, the program that runs the social networking aspect of this site, the group and other social network functions have been temporarily suspended. Normal (hopefully better) functioning will resume soon, and along with it, more discussion with those of you we saw recently at ABA. Thanks for your patience!
--Siri and the VB3 team

The VB3 Blog